Mine Communication Systems

Indoor wireless systems are actually very broad in scope. Underground mines, metro, railway systems terminals and tunnels, airport, railway station, bus terminal buildings, hospitals and shopping malls are some of the applications mentioned under this section. Scope and application of the preliminary work is carried out in the area where the radio system is to be performed and after the appropriate project determination, application is commenced.

Depending on the location, Analog or Digital (TETRA-DMR TIER 3) protocol compliant devices via antennas, in accordance with your specific needs (Antenna, Cable, Leaky Feeder Cable, RF Splitter, RF Combiner, RF line amplifiers BDA), RF Channel Converter Amplifiers, RF Fiber Converter Amplifiers and other active - passive components) are used.

Announcement systems used in tunnel projects, tunnel radio solutions, camera solutions, event detection systems, vehicle information systems are also among our applications.

Atakom is specialists in Tunnel Telecommunication applications that produces and applies the right solution by its experience and knowhow accumulation in all stages of projects.

Some of the Closed Area applications are:

  • Highway Tunnels
  • Railway Tunnels
  • Metro Tunnels
  • Mines
  • Terminal Buildings (Airport-Gar-Bus Station)
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls